Energy Saving Tips

Dirty Coils Cost Money

Dirty coils force your air conditioner to run longer and work harder. 

That increases your energy use and utility costs. It also decreases the life of your unit.  You should have your air conditioner serviced every spring to keep it running smoothly.

Air Leaks Waste Energy

Air leaks in your air conditioner unit and the ductwork reduces the cooling capacity and wastes energy. Sealing the leaks off saves energy and saves cost – up to 20%. If you really want to save on energy costs, a ceiling fan or even a portable fan is a great idea.

Ceiling Fans For Summer

A fan make you feel three to four degrees cooler – and only costs a half-cent per hour to operate – so you can set your thermostat a few degrees higher. It’s the perfect low cost way to stretch your air conditioning dollar.

Maintenance Doesn’t Cost – It Saves

An air conditioner that is not running properly can cost you a lot in wasted energy.  

Have your air conditioner checked every spring to keep it running smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Ceiling Fans For Winter

Your ceiling fan also works in the winter, as long as your fan is reversible. The same fan that makes you feel cooler in the summer can make it feel warmer in the winter. It’s better than magic. A fan can save money all year long.

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